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​Colorectal Surgery

Gokul Subhas, MD

Board Certified Colorectal Surgeon

Oots Altena in Sioux Center, IA, 3/3/2017
Very caring – Super intelligent- changed my husband’s life post suffering 4 plus years with diarrhea. Now able to socialize again and work on 8 hours a day. Amazing.

Jim Titus in Sioux City, IA, 3/3/2017
A doctor that listens and shows concern

Jonathan Bowling in Sioux City, IA, 3/6/2017
Professional, positive, gets right to the point

Lorna Hamman in Anthon, IA, 3/6/2017

Very nice. I will come back to see him if I need to.

Blake Lofton in Lawton, IA, 3/6/2017
Was great and professional

Jill Kohn in Sioux City, IA, 3/6/2017
Very friendly, Kind, Knowledgeable.

Barbara Beemer in Spirit Lake, IA, 2/28/2017
I was very impressed. Treats you with dignity, also friendly. Gave you confidence in him.

Harold Mackey in Sioux City, IA, 2/28/2017

All was good

Jason Robley, Salix, IA, 2/28/2017

My experience was as pleasant as could be under the circumstances. Nice guy.

Carter Smith, Sioux City, IA, 2/27/2017

Very professional and simple

Ryan Wilson, Hartley, IA, 2/21/2017
Dr Subhas is wonderful. I can honestly say this has changed my life. I would recommend him 100%.

Christian Ketelsen, Cushing, IA, 2/21/2017
He was honest and professional. (Great Job)

Rafael Cabrera in South Sioux City, IA, 2/16/2017

Dr Subhas is kind and very explanatory

Cindy Ingenthron in Sioux City, IA, 2/16/2017

Robert Verschoor in Sioux City, IA, 2/16/2017

Very Nice, Easy to talk too.

Heather Costello in Sioux City, IA, 2/16/2017


Whitney Dean in Sioux City, IA, 2/16/2017

Great Job

Esther Eichhorn in Sioux City, IA, 2/16/2017

Truly helpful for my hemorrhoid problem, banding internal hemorrhoids, treatment of fissure and educating regarding bowel regimen.

David Aldrich in Hawarden, IA, 2/16/2017
Very easy to speak with and cares greatly about making sure you are well informed and understand procedures.

Kyle Strong in Dakota City, NE, 2/6/2017
Extremely pleasant. He expressed professionalism and made an embarrassing situation as pleasant as possible.

Mary in South Sioux City, NE, 2/4/2017
Good Doctor

Lenny Jolin in Cushing, IA, 2/4/2017
Great bedside manner. Very informed and a great listener.

Kyle Molgaard in Peterson, IA, 2/4/2017

Answers your questions well. Nice, Smart man.

Patricia Bauerly in Sioux City, IA, 2/3/2017
Dr Subhas and Staff are wonderful. First time in years I am hopeful my condition can be treated. 100% confidence in Dr Subhas. He and Staff are very personable and comforting.

Jayne Edwards in Sioux City, IA, 2/1/2017
Dr Subhas immediately diagnosed my problem. Did a procedure in office. I don’t have problem anymore.


Cynthia Mauer in Sioux City, IA | Jan 27, 2017
He takes time to listen to my issue and then proceeds with plan of action for healing. And I absolutely love that he starts with less invasive procedure first. And I'm very Thankful that I was referred to him.

Patty in Sioux City, IA | Jan 23, 2017
Dr Subhas is a wonderful doctor. Very friendly person.

Cynthia Anderson in Akron, IA | Jan 23, 2017
Very competent, offers great explanations, takes unhurried time with patients. Very confident, personable. Very professional.

Cynthia in Sioux City, IA | Jan 23, 2017
Very pleasant and understanding in listening to issues. And very polite and prompt with addressing and fixing issues.

Lillian Carritt in Ute, IA/ Jan 31, 2017
Enjoyed Dr Subhas. Pleasant. Relieved my tensions.

Jo Berry in Sioux City, IA/ Jan 25, 2017
Very good Dr

Jeff Lucas in Sergeant Bluff, IA/ Jan 19, 2017

Very detailed and professional. Was willing to get me helped right away.

Patricia Ramos in Sioux City, IA/ Jan 19, 2017
Dr Subhas was great at explaining all that entailed in procedure. He was very caring and understanding. He called us while he was on vacation. We really appreciated that.

David Steichen in Remsen, IA/ Jan 20, 2017
Very informative. Makes you feel like a concerned physician.

Amanda Sweum in Sioux City, IA/ Jan 25, 2017

Very positive. Would recommend him to others.

Dawn in Kingsley, IA/ Jan 25, 2017
Dr Subhas is a great doctor. He is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Joyce in Lyons, NE/ Jan 25, 2017

Explains things to me so that I know what’s going on.

Mark Simms in Sioux City, IA/ Jan 23, 2017
Very helpful. High marks.

Holli S. in North Sioux City, SD April 14, 2016

Dr Subhas was very responsive to my needs. He offered to come meet me between surgeries so I could get my surgery scheduled sooner. He worked with my schedule to get it done for me within days. He is very knowledgable, always smiling and he explains things well. My family came with me to my first visit and he was very patient and answered all their questions with a smile! His nurses and staff are really  nice. They all make you feel like they have a personal interest in your well-being.

L&J in Sioux City, IA April 07, 2016

One of THE BEST doctors! VERY knowledgeable & efficient. Excellent level of care. Follow up w/patient is outstanding. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He has a very caring demeanor, takes his time explaining issues, & never minds if something needs further clarification. He comes ANY time day or night, to check on patients if warranted. He is one of the RARE doctors who went into this field NOT merely for financial gain; RATHER, because he LOVES what he does--and that's HELPING PEOPLE!